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Let us show you how onsite testing saves money.
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Clarity Testing offers a full suite of onsite medical and testing services throughout the Northeast. Operating the largest fleet of state-of-the art Labmobiles Clarity's expert and certified professionals provide the highest quality onsite workplace safety services without breaking the stride of business.
• Are you an employer in the construction or transportation industry?
• Do you have workers who handle hazardous materials?
• Do you suspect substance abuse amongst your employees or drivers?
• Is substance abuse in the workplace driving up your insurance costs?

Background check servicesBackground Check Services Clarity Testing provides comprehensive background check services. Do you really know who you are hiring?

Now's the time to find out with background checks, DMV checks, sex offender registry review, credit checks, social security number verification, and prior employment verification checks.

We make it easy for you to know who you are hiring before you hire with our comprehensive nationwide employment screening services. Find out more today!

Drug testing in the workplace can help you create a safe workplace by preventing and detecting employee substance abuse. Onsite medical testing can help prevent and detect occupational lead poisoning or work-related breathing and health problems. Allow our Labor Management and regulatory expertise to easily guide you to full compliance with DOT and OSHA standards and regulations for your workplace. Make sure to visit our pages providing valuable information on Diabetes Testing, Blood Pressure Screening, Onsite DOT Physicals, HazMat Physicals, Respirator Fit Testing Certification and Fit for Duty Exams.

Current Industry News

OSHA schedules meeting of the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health

FMCSA Orders Shut-Down of Colorado Trucking Company

Employees avert explosion, fire and other dangers after solvent spill at freight terminal exposes employer's lack of readiness

FMCSA Shuts Down Nevada Trucking Company as an Imminent Hazard to Public Safety

Federal judge orders US Postal Service to pay employee $229K in damages for whistleblower retaliation

FMCSA Establishes Committee to Update Truck and Bus Driver Training

Duane Reade Manhattan 6th Avenue store exposes employees to fire and crushing hazards from blocked exits and carelessly piled stock

FMCSA Declares South Dakota Trucking Company and Driver to be Imminent Hazards to Public Safety

A and D Wood Products workers face amputation and explosion risks at Elida, Ohio, wood pallet manufacturing facility

FMCSA Releases Crash Weighting Analysis

FMCSA to Award $30 Million in State Grants to Advance Real-Time Safety Technologies

United States to Expand Trade Opportunities with Mexico through Safe Cross-Border Trucking

FMCSA to Maintain 50 Percent Random Drug Testing Rates through 2015

FMCSA Announces Intention to Establish a Negotiated Rulemaking Committee on Minimum Training Requirements for Entry-Level Commercial Drivers

U.S. Department of Transportation Eliminates $1.7 Billion Annual Paperwork Burden for U.S. Trucking Industry.

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